About The Genius

The Beginning

The Genius was founded by Mr. Prasan Wilfred in 1990 with a small group of children of various age groups who would visit "Genius Uncle's" house for informal sessions. They would sit out in his lawn or on durries on the floor of the house and play word games, solve puzzles, read books or simply have discussions on topics of interest.

The benefit of these sessions was immediately obvious to the children's parents, peers and school teachers. The children who came to The Genius developed a healthy curiosity and a love of knowledge and literature. They became fluent conversationalists and confident public speakers. Their masterly grasp of the English language, wide awareness of both cultural and current topics, and impressive problem solving and critical thinking abilities made them the obvious choices to represent their schools in competitions.

What's more, these children loved their sessions at The Genius, often insisting on coming even on Sundays and holidays!

Very soon, teachers were strongly recommending The Genius, and parents were clamouring to get their children registered.

The Genius Today

The Genius has come a long way from its beginnings in Mr. Wilfred's home. In the 2014-15 session, over 1200 children attend its fun sessions across 3 branches in Indore.
Even without any marketing, demand for the sessions at The Genius has consistently been higher than the number of available seats throughout its history, and remains so even today.
The popularity of these sessions is due entirely to the word-of-mouth publicity that happy children and satisfied parents have generated.

The Genius Advantage


When The Genius began in 1990, the idea that learning can happen without teaching was revolutionary. In fact, educationists in India are only now beginning to realise the importance of ideas and techniques that The Genius has been successfully employing for over a quarter of a century!


The Genius is not another coaching class. It is not an English class, and it is not a Personality Development class.


Parents want their children to grow up to be competitive at a global level, and that requires more than just academic competence. To gain admission to good colleges, to do well in interviews and competitive examinations, and to climb the ladder of career success, this is what is needed: communication skills, confidence, problem solving and critical thinking abilities, creativity, ideation, and a working knowledge of culture and current affairs.

Throughout the school years, parents and schools focus solely on academics. Then in the final years of high school or in college, students go to English classes or classes for "personality development" or to learn how to participate in group discussions or to face an interview. Those who would like to study abroad go to institutes that will help them write a competitive exam. These students try to memorise word-lists. They try to learn how to write a statement of purpose.

What they are trying to do is cram a childhood worth of all-round mental development into the span of a year or less.

The Genius's time-tested and proven method provides the necessary inputs for a child's all-round mental development in a fun and stress free manner.

There is no school, class or other institute that can make the same claim.


With its comfortable environment, enthusiastic young mentors and exciting games, coming to The Genius is like coming to a friend's house for a party every day!

At The Genius, we know that learning can neither be forced nor stopped. It is a basic human need that drives children to be curious and to learn.

FUN is the genetic reward for learning.

Children have fun when they willingly participate in stimulating, and challenging activities in an open and positive environment.

At The Genius, our focus is on making children curious and interested. All our activities are designed to be as much fun as possible - the fact that children learn from them is a happy side-effect!


The mentors who conduct sessions at The Genius are the young adults of the community who have knowledge and skills to share.

They treat the children in the sessions as younger members of the family rather than as students. They play fun games with the children and talk to them about topics of interest. They listen to their problems, correct their mistakes and guide their reading. They do not teach. They do not scold or punish.

We do not have teachers at The Genius. We are friends and guides.


Over the years, we have carefully compiled a rich treasury of games, activities, worksheets and competitions for every age group and learning level.

While the idea at the heart of our programmes has stayed the same, our content and activities are under constant active development.

We update, revise and make additions to our programmes on a regular basis to keep them relevant and effective.


Thousands of families will vouch for the fact that children who attend sessions at The Genius are smarter, more fluent, more confident, more creative, more curious and more aware.

Dozens of school teachers will confirm that children who go to The Genius have a firmer command over the English language, are better at problem solving and critical thinking, and display a wider knowledge and deeper understanding of the world around them.

We at The Genius are obsessed with reading. Our extensive, carefully curated libraries contain fiction and reference books for children of all age groups. Our mentors actively encourage and guide children in developing the reading habit. We conduct a specialised reading programme to impart reading skills to beginners. The books we give out as prizes at every Annual Awards Function have seeded the libraries of countless young readers in the city.

There is nowhere a child is more likely to get into the reading habit than at The Genius.*
*except, of course, at home. Talk to us to find out more about what you can do to help your child become a reader.

Kudos to The Genius

These are some excerpts from e-mails sent to Mr. Wilfred (Uncle) by children who have attended sessions at The Genius in the past.

"...thank you so much for making me fall in love with books and inculcating in me and many others the habit of reading. I clearly remember you telling us that no matter what happens, read a book before bedtime for 15 mins. No doubt the 15 mins now stretch to a number of hours, but I'm indebted to you for passing on this tradition!"
- Aashna Bhatia

"I must tell you that I consider The Genius as the place of my intellectual and rational enlightenment and owe a lot of my thinking to that place."
- Amber Pahare

"The books you selected for me ... are a priceless gift ... and they have accompanied me even here ... I often look at them and the labels that were put on them defining the competition for which the book was awarded and that makes me realise my potential in situations when my confidence is low ... I won't be wrong if I say what I am today is because of you to the greatest extent..."
- Shreya Raj

"...this gives me yet another occasion to thank you profusely for instilling in me the sense of curiosity, the ability to appreciate the power of language and for introducing me to the wonderful world of books!
I consider myself extremely lucky to have been a part of 'The Genius', first, as a student and later, as a mentor, where you caringly nurtured the roots of what brings fulfilment to my life. I am sure that a lot of the others, who have had great fortune like I did, feel the same way."

- Deepika Jhajharia

"...Those years will forever remain some of the most enriching ones of mine ... I never saw a place that rejoiced simply in telling children about the joy of learning. Of knowlege for the sake of knowledge. About children being more than just a sum of their academic results and extracurricular certificates...
...It wasn't just the mental maths, the conversations, the movie screenings, the books (though for me, everything began and ended with the books), the vocabulary games, and quizzes, JAM ... I felt alive - because every day was another notch that I had pulled myself up by. Because it gave me a reference point in life about what kind of a person I wanted to project myself as, to the world. It became important for me to know about art, literature, theatre, sports, politics, music...
...I learnt that there was a power in knowledge, and I learnt that clichés are clichés for a reason. All through my life, and now, when I am in London, I have seen the world come alive around me - because I have those reference points. This frame of mind, this conditioning, this was the greatest gift I got from you. I guess I can never thank you enough for it"

- Ishita

"We learned without being taught, and if you think about it, it is nothing short of magic!"
- Rajat Jain

"I am so happy to see that the spirit of The Genius continues to inspire and educate the children of Indore in a way our schools never seem to be able to. I guess I'm just trying to say - Thank You for teaching me some very valuable lessons at the right time in life"
- Mohit Gidwani

"A child's foundation, his thoughts are what define him as an adult and adults define the standard of the society, you do make the society a better place and the generations to come smarter. Had I not been a part of The Genius I'd be missing a lot in life!"
- Pranav Agrawal