"...this gives me yet another occasion to thank you profusely for instilling in me the sense of curiosity, the ability to appreciate the power of language and for introducing me to the wonderful world of books!
I consider myself extremely lucky to have been a part of 'The Genius', first, as a student and later, as a mentor, where you caringly nurtured the roots of what brings fulfilment to my life. I am sure that a lot of the others, who have had great fortune like I did, feel the same way."

- Deepika Jhajharia

The Genius Advantage

The Genius is a unique community driven organisation that conducts programmes for intellectual stimulation and cultural exposure through recreational activities.

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Floreant dendritae: a multilingual play on words that means 'May your brain cells flourish!'
  • Floreant comes from the Latin verb florens meaning 'to bloom or to flower'. Floreant is the subjunctive form, meaning 'may they bloom'.
  • Dendrite in modern English is a branched extension of a neuron (a nerve or brain cell) that receives impulses from other neurons. It derives from the Greek déndron meaning 'tree'.
The whole phrase can be taken either as a benediction for your brain cells, or as an exhortation to all members of The Genius family (the tree and all its branches) to grow and flourish!