"...thank you so much for making me fall in love with books and inculcating in me and many others the habit of reading. I clearly remember you telling us that no matter what happens, read a book before bedtime for 15 mins. No doubt the 15 mins now stretch to a number of hours, but I'm indebted to you for passing on this tradition!"
- Aashna Bhatia

The Genius Advantage

The Genius is a unique community driven organisation that conducts programmes for intellectual stimulation and cultural exposure through recreational activities.

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Floreant dendritae: a multilingual play on words that means 'May your brain cells flourish!'
  • Floreant comes from the Latin verb florens meaning 'to bloom or to flower'. Floreant is the subjunctive form, meaning 'may they bloom'.
  • Dendrite in modern English is a branched extension of a neuron (a nerve or brain cell) that receives impulses from other neurons. It derives from the Greek déndron meaning 'tree'.
The whole phrase can be taken either as a benediction for your brain cells, or as an exhortation to all members of The Genius family (the tree and all its branches) to grow and flourish!